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And sometimes, we photograph llamas...

It's a dreary February day in Portland, but our spirits are up! Jon and I just wrapped up a super fun maternity session (sneak peak photos tomorrow!) that left our bellies aching from laughter, and I am still recovering from this weekend's adorable event. I photographed a llama at a party...yep, you read that correctly - Rojo the Therapy Llama was a special guest at Mt. Tabor CrossFit's 5th anniversary party, and I had the privilege of photographing the smiles, laughter, and happy tears that he left in his wake.

Seriously, what a fun idea! The gym owner, Alex, also welcomed people from the community to come and meet Rojo - so it was such a bustling, joy-filled event. Kiddos (and grown-ups) waited in line to snap a polaroid with fuzzy farm animal, and to get a "carrot kiss", which really just means you put a teeny carrot stick in your mouth and let Rojo snag it from you whilst also planting his giant lips on yours. Uh huh. Since this is my home gym, I also took part in the carrot kissing, and it was so worth it;)

A parade down the street with the fluffy guy was icing on the cake. I mean, come on - is there anything cuter than a cuddly, red llama?!

We love capturing the quirky and unexpected - hopefully Rojo or some other lovable creature will be at our next event;)

Get out there and find something funky and heart-warming to do in this city full of the unexpected. If you live in Portland, it means you will never have a reason to say you're bored, and gray winter days can easily be brightened by a tasty treat at a local foodie joint, or a llama.

If you want to know more about Rojo or other therapy animals at Mtn Peaks Therapy, check them out at

And if you want to get in shape for the summer (which we all do), check out the awesome community at MTCF:

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